Thursday, May 23, 2013

"The Agent" Deck Recipe

"The Agent" strategy is to swarm the field and knock down your opponents defenses. "The Agent" decks use massive amounts of special summons to give you the advantage by getting your powerful monsters quickly. The one card that destroys this deck is "Thunder King Rai-oh." Here is part of my deck.


"Master Hyperion" x2
"The Agent of Mystery - Earth" x2
"The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter" x1
"The Agent of Judgement - Saturn" x2
"The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury" x1
"The Agent of Creation - Venus" x1
"The Agent of Force - Mars" x1
"Mystic Shine Ball" x2
"Zerdias, Herald of Heaven" x1
"Tenshin" x1
"Vylon Stella" x1
"Buten" x1


"Cards  From The Sky" x1
"Valhalla Hall Of The Fallen" x2
"The Sanctuary In The Sky" x2
"Terraforming" x1
"The Fountain In The Sky" x1
"Solidarity" x1
" Galaxy Queen's Light" x1


"Divine Punishment" x1
"Torrential Tribute" x1
" Dimensional Prison" x1

Extra Deck

"Vylon Disigma" x1
"Tiras, Keeper of Genasis" x1
"Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis" x1
"Number 16: Shock Master" x1
"Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon" x1
"Photon Strike Bounzer" x1
"Gachi Gachi Gantetsu" x1
"Avenging Knight Parshath" x1
"Ancient Sacred Wyvern" x1
"Ancient Fairy Dragon" x1
"Stardust Dragon" x1
"Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" x1
"starliege Paladynamo" x1

 The rest of the deck is for you to make.


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